Wine tasting!

Finally, some free time! Well okay one day, but that is better than nothing. I am starting to explore my new hometown, so make sure to follow my Instagram and learn more about the wineries in the Bellarine Peninsula.

This week I visited Oakdene, a small charming vineyard not far from Geelong. The weather is also changing, and summer is officially close now, hopefully it will start to flower this week!

Almost there!

I have as well been hard at work. Now you can learn more about Additives in wine and what exactly you are drinking when you pop the cork. This week, I could not help myself, I miss Italy! Italy is amazing, so two more Italian grape varieties were added to the list, Canaiolo Nero (another personal favourite) and Fiano (Fiano in big part because it is now being planted in Australia).

Read and enjoy, and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me!