Wine Commandments

For those to lazy to read The Fundamentals of Food and Wine Pairings

  • A Wine has to be equally as Sweet or sweeter than the Food
  • A Wine has to be equally as Acidic or more acidic than the Food
  • Bitter Food pairs best with Wines with High Acidity
  • Salt is a good Pairing Aid, but do not overuse
  • Food containing Umami can be a Wine-Killer if not balanced by other components
  • High Alcohol, High Tannins and Hot Spices are a BAD COMBINATION
  • The overall Body of the Wine should match the overall Body of the Food
  • The Flavour Intensity and Persistency of the Wine should match that of the Food
  • Effervescence can help to mitigate Salty and/or Bitter Food
  • Flavours and Textures in the Wine and Food can either match or contrast each other