The Titanic is Sinking

I saw this Instagram post comparing the hospitality industry to the musicians on the Titanic. They know they are going under; people are fight for their lives around them, panicking. While the band keeps playing. It is not much, but it is what they can do.

That well describes our time now. Since social distancing became the norm, the hospitality industry has started to go under, and as it is looking, there are no lifeboats in sight. Talking to friends and colleagues, those that have not already lost their jobs, still fear for the future. They fear they will not have anything to come back to after we finally win this war (and yes, it is a war).

Restaurants, café and hotels will have to close down, and after the apocalypse, when things start to return to normal, there will be nothing left. Especially the small companies are truly struggling, the ones that everyday relay on their regulars coming by, buying a coffee or a pint. I do not recommend you to go out in big groups. But rather than buying more dried pasta at the supermarket, buy some take-away from the family owned restaurant around the corner. Buy some pastries or send them to someone who needs the encouragement. Send flowers, they always bring people joy!

We are all suffering, but if we aim to do this together, singing from our balconies and sharing the burdens, then maybe we can come out of this stronger as a society, rather than broken down.

From my home, to yours, take care of yourself and the people around you!