1st of September. It is a bit poetic that my first post should be on the 1st of September. This day has always signified change in my life. From, I will admit, maybe a bit too many years in the classroom, the 1st of September have always signified a new start. More than the new year and the 1st of January, it was always this day! When you came back after the summer vacation, new and improved.

As a semi-adult (I am not quite ready to think of myself as an actual adult just yet), it still carries significance to me. Last year on this day, I left my old life behind. I actually sold everything I owned and packed what little I felt I needed into a suitcase and left.

That was a year ago now. And I can definitely say that that was the best decision I ever made for ME. Maybe not the wisest decision, and I will admit, I have many times wished that I would have taken the easier way out. Just settled down, lived an ordinary life. But I am also so proud of myself that I made that leap. And if you would just please bear with me, I hope to make this page into something special. A place for us to share our passion for wine and food with each other.

And I am promise you, no pretention. My aim here is to give you actual advice. What to pair with your Tuesday take away, and which wine pairs best with crisps or chocolate for that matter… And yes, I will try to educate you. Sorry, but I am a bona fide wine geek, and I am not afraid to admit it. I am going to fight for the unknown grape varieties. The ones that deserve recognition, but the ones you will never have heard of before.

I really need to get started! More information will be coming soon, I promise!