The temperature that you choose to serve your wine at will vastly affect the experience of consuming it. At some time, we have all tasted a wine that was clearly too warm or too cold, and hopefully we can all concurred that a white wine that has been out in the sun for two hours, will not taste its best. Down below is a simple chart over which are the best serving temperatures for some standard groups of wine. Some of them will surprise you. For instance, red wine especially light red wines, should not be served at normal room temperature (+20ᵒC)

If a wine is served too cold it tends to become more acidic, and higher in bitterness and astringency, while the flavours seem to disappear.

A wine that is served too warm will lack acidity, and the flavours will seem somewhat overcooked, as in a jam.

Temperature Chart

Wine StyleIdeal serving Temperature ᵒC
Delicate Sweet White Wines4-8
Light Sparkling White Wines6-10
Light White Wines6-10
Light Aromatic White Wines8-12
Light Rosé Wines8-12
Rich Sweet White Wines8-12
Full Bodied Sparkling White Wines8-12
Sparkling Red Wines10-14
Medium Bodied White Wines10-14
Light Red Wines10-14
Full Bodied White Wines12-16
Full Bodied Rosé Wines12-16
Medium Bodied Red Wines14-18
Full Bodied Red Wines16-18