One Year Older and None the Wiser

Today (disregarding the time difference) it was officially one year ago since I started my website. Happy one-year anniversary to me!

And without exaggerating, a lot has happened in the last year…

A year ago, I could never even have imagined the reality we now are living in. My supposed six months in Australia turned into an undetermined time, where nothing could be taken for granted. Plans have had to be cancelled and dreams put up on the shelf (for now at least).

From a still “relatively” cold spring day in Australia

Maybe the biggest difference is that I, a year ago, felt certain of where I was going next. Now, I know nothing.

But, as we like to comfort ourselves, we can only make the best of it. So rather than mourning everything I cannot do (like traveling or grabbing a drink with a friend) I will look forward.

For the future, I aim to work even harder. To develop my concept and help to make food and wine pairings as simple as can be. And of course, as always to fight for the little guy (the unheard-of grape varieties of the world). Now, one year in, I have my bases, so now we can start to have a bit of fun.

Cheers to another “interesting” year!