I really need to practice on saying it;


Just, No!

It might seem so simple, but all the same I am incapable of saying it, which results in me working far too much, and tasting far too few wines. And coming into the silly season at work (Christmas and summer vacation), I cannot really see an end to this anytime soon. I guess that means I must be all the more efficient and take every chance I get to go wine tasting. For now though, I will have to be content with visiting more of the neighbours and then for January (February at the latest), I have to make some room for traveling, just to see what Australia really has to offer. This far, I am not quite convinced, but then based on the limited selection I have tried, I cannot really make an honest judgment.

For this week’s theme I could not avoid the “land of wine” any longer. That is right! France, the home of so much of that prestige that makes wines terrifying for the majority of us. I had to go there sooner or later, but most likely, you will not be well acquainted with this week’s varieties (even if they are two of the raising starts of France). Carmenère and Piquepoul, two historical varieties from the southern parts that are now enjoying their renaissance and thriving far from home (which I can completely relate to).