Mistakes and Other Good Learning Experiences

Mistakes and Other Good Learning Experiences

I do not say this often, but I am proud of myself. This site is finally starting to come around. It has taken me far longer then I expected, but as far as a little side project goes, it is starting to look good. I have now created quite a good foundation. I have added almost everything that I, when I was making the outline for this site, thought I would want to add. Knowing myself I am far from finished, but as Victoria is going back into lockdown, it looks like I will have a lot of spare time again. Thankfully, I do not live in Melbourne, and I will remain free to go wine tasting, and other adventures, all of which you can follow on my Instagram. Otherwise, I have added a lot of new material under Food and Wine Pairings, Things You Should Know and Wine Myths. All worth checking out!

It is a Wine (with an Italian accent)

The last week, we also, early as it was, bottled our wine. Even being a joint venture as it was, we only did a total of 48 bottles. Mainly because it did not turn out quite the way we wanted. The basic flavour profile was actually quite remarkable, a very interesting blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Carbonic Maceration, but unfortunately (we suspect the basket press) the wine caught a bad case of Volatile Acidity. And in the end, we struggled with the temperature, which unfortunately meant that the wine did not quite finish the malolactic fermentation. So, not quite what we wanted, but still a very interesting wine. And I am a strong believer that the best way to learn is through our mistakes. Meaning that this wine was a very good learning experience.