Autumn in Italy

It is officially autumn in Italy, and it is getting cold! That might have been what sparked my Greek theme for this week. I need more sun and heat in my life! And where better do go then, but to Greece? I know, in reality it is autumn there as well, but in ...


Hard at work

...we are looking for long term commitmentEvery employer ever I am currently applying for jobs for my next big adventure (I am more or less always looking for my next job). And there seems to be one returning phrase that keeps scaring me away; we are looking for long term commitment. The fact that it ...


The First!

1st of September. It is a bit poetic that my first post should be on the 1st of September. This day has always signified change in my life. From, I will admit, maybe a bit too many years in the classroom, the 1st of September have always signified a new start. More than the ...