Life Doesn’t Always Turn out as You Plan

Looking at the weather prognosis for Italy, I cannot help but to become a bit depressed. I was supposed to be there now!

The Grotto – From The Great Ocean Road

But… life is unpredictable. And as it is now, one can only be grateful for what one got. And overall, a winter in Australia is not that bad. I mean, I could definitely do with some warmer clothes and more sunshine, but on the whole, I really have no right to complain.

Especially in times like these. I have a job, I have some place to live, and even if I cannot travel as I would have liked, I can still enjoy wine from all over the world!

So now, after the quarantine dormancy has passed, I am making new and improved efforts. Back to basic! So, follow my Instagram for new (albeit limited) wine adventures and keep your eyes on my website, because I will soon post everything you ever wished to learn about food and wine pairings.