Just another Chardonnay

After a long week of talking about the difference between a Chardonnay and another slightly different Chardonnay. I am happy to go a bit crazy. Sometimes I just cannot understand the new worlds fear of trying new varieties. There are so many varieties out there! So many amazing, potential varieties! Yes, people know and can pronounce Chardonnay, but how fun is that?

I am so fed up with Chardonnay (which is ironic since I now live in Chardonnay country). And all people here seem to talk about is Chardonnay. Chardonnay this and Chardonnay that. I am sick of Chardonnay, not to talk about Shiraz and Pinot Noir.

Same same, but different

In protest, this week’s theme is Croatia, since the Croatian settlers where among the first to initiate the vine growing industry in both Australia and New Zealand, they just forgot to bring their own vines. In honour of them, and to keep myself sane, this week’s addition is Plavac Mali and Pošip, two grape varieties you will definitely never have hear of before, unless you paid attention during your last holiday in Croatia. Rich, complex and so food friendly, these wines you will not find on the supermarket shelves. But I, and so many more people hope to change that, so a grape variety to keep a lookout for, and when you see it, do not hesitate. If it seems to cheap to be true, that is just the Croatian wine market. Being up and coming, you can still find good quality wines to the fraction of the price they are and will be worth.

On a more personal note, I am finally settling in. I have done everything that I had to do, all the paperwork is in order. I have undeniably been working a bit too much. I told myself that November would be calm, but I am more or less incapable of saying no, so we will se how that ends. As for now though, I will have some free days and I will take full advantage of that. See my Instagram for more!