It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

Well, sort of… It actually looks like it is finally going to clear up a bit and get a bit warmer (fingers crossed). But the trees are up, so are the lights and decorations for what they are worth, and on Sunday I am going carolling. I am getting into the Christmas mood, which you can also easily see looking at this week’s new additions, Kadarka and Furmint. Yes, this week’s theme is Hungary and looking at the pairing suggestions we are discussing everything from Fruit Cake to Roasted Donald Duck. Read, get inspired and enjoy! And hopefully you to will get into the Christmas spirit(s).

Despite the cold, flowering season is over. On my Instagram, you can weekly follow the development in the vineyard, seeing the tiny buds slowly but surly turning into ripe and beautiful grapes. It does not matter how many times I get to follow the development, to me it is beautiful. The perfect prof that mother nature knows what she is doing. And the best part, you can drink the result!