Geelong Wine Region

The more local wines I try, the more I am amazed at the varying quality this small region has to offer. Being a diverse region with three separate subregions (The Bellarine Peninsula, The Surf Coast and Moorabool Valley) of course this diversity can be understood. Moorabool with its drought conditions and volcanic soil poses as a challenge, but for the brave souls who manages to tame this barren region, the challenge tends to pay off and the wines will display that triumph. The Surf Coast on the other hand is rugged and wild, sand and rock together with strong Mediterranean winds makes growing here a challenge for completely different reasons. Lastly The Bellarine Peninsula, where black basalt meets more moderate conditions, not quite as challenging, but with more consistent quality instead.

The Bellarine Peninsula

Three different regions and as far as I am concerned, only a handful of actually skilled winemakers. Going around here, focus is often more on the tourism and hospitality side of the wine industry, where wine is only a source of revenue. As this region struggles to establish its reputation, these profit-based wineries do more harm than good. For young regions, the primary focus should be on producing consistent quality, to establish their reputation as consistent quality producers, rather then hurrying their wines along (even when they know that their wines will not taste well) just to be able to have something to sale in their restaurant.

I know, we live in a world driven by money, and the desperate need to make more of it. But is it really worth it to sale something that you yourself as a winemaker is not proud of, to sale something that could have been done better? This will only hurt you in the long run, ruin your reputation and make it all the harder for the serious winemakers of the region to establish their reputation. And believe me, there are some really good ones out there! Follow my Instagram for more regional updates!