Finally, we are in Veraison

Since the late 80’s up until now, the vineyards in The Bellarine Peninsula have moved up harvest close to a month. Meaning that they pretty much have harvested one day earlier per year (there are no non-believers in viticulture when it comes to global warming). This year though, things are different. Coming into veraison, we are around two-three weeks late, and with the weather prognosis not looking good for the next few weeks, we are not expecting to catch up again.

What will this mean for this small wine region? Well, that remains to see. For the winemakers that do believe in the age-old philosophy that good wines are made in the vineyard, well they are put in a though spot this year. The results will be interesting.

“The term Veraison comes from the French word Véraison and it is used to describe a stage of ripeness for grapes. This stage is when the grapes start to change colour, accumulate more sweetness, and the beginning of their physiological ripeness”