Día de Muertos

Happy Halloween, All Saints’ Day, Dia de Muertos and whatever else I left out… I might be a bit behind on some of these, but all the same. I hope you enjoyed some festive times with your people, food and (of course) some wine.

For me, I spent more or less all three days traveling (even if I did enjoy an Enchilada at the train station today in honour of the day of the dead, that is about all the festivities I have had). But on the other hand, I have made it Down Under (Australia that is, even if everyone should already know that reference, I sincerely hope at least).

Australia! I have been here less than 24 hours and I have already seen two different company cars for snake catchers. Apparently, that is a thing, I sincerely hope that I never will have to call them.

Next week, you will get some actual updates. After a quick vacation, a long cold and a big move, I have not been particularly efficient these last two weeks. But now I have no excuses. New grapes, new wine myths being busted, and some facts being stated as well. Hang in there and in the meantime, have a Corona and celebrate what remains of the day of the dead Or why not some Mexican wine (Yes, there are some really up and coming wine regions in Mexico, which in itself is a thing to celebrate).