COVID-19 v/s Stupidity

I do not know what makes me more depressed. The fact that the world seems to be coming to a stop, or that a poll showed that 38% of beer drinking Americans (over the age of 21) say that they will not buy Corona beer anymore…

Seriously, how stupid can people be? Admittedly, the poll (done by an American PR firm) was not the most scientific one, for one, they only contacted 737 test subjects, which is not a big enough group to give an all-encompassing view of the entire population. But, in general, based on people’s behaviour during the last few days, I am going to stick with my initial statement; How stupid can people be?

I can somewhat understand the desire to stock up one’s cupboard in case of a lockdown, but at the same time, we all must remember that; You Are Not Alone In This! This affects us all! And everyone wants to enjoy the luxury of toilet paper and soap. Even worse, greedy people stocking up on hand sanitiser and trying to sell them off on eBay for ridiculous prices, just to make a small profit.

This virus is not going to be the end of the world, but it might just end up bringing about the end of our faith in humanity. So, for all of you sitting at home with a year’s supply of toilet paper and dry pasta, enjoy. I hope it gives you that peace of mind you so desperately seem to crave.

For me, I am celebrating the soon-to-be look down with a Corona beer (just to prove a point, I can’t say that I particularly enjoy it)…

So, Cheers,