Bellarine Peninsula

There we go! I am finally starting to settle in properly. Having (finally) signed a contract with a vineyard (before the contract is signed nothing is ever really clear), found a place to stay for a few months, and a way to get from point A to point B. And of course, worked my way through a bunch of those papers that come with changing continent. I have almost settled into my new home (disregarding that to begin with I am sleeping on an air madras).

Now, working on this website will be my first and primary focus, especially since November is still considered spring here in Victoria and it is the slow season, so there is not much else to do (since it is too cold to go to the beach).

I am settling into the Bellarine Peninsula wine region (just outside of Geelong) which is going to be something new and exciting for me, especially after traditional Siena. This is a young and developing region, the oldest vines here were planted in the early 80’s.

On my Instagram you will be able to follow me as I visit my new neighbours and experience everything they have to offer. Which will include wine of course, but also beer, whiskey (unexpected) and a lot of chocolate… This is going to be a though couple of months, but I guess someone must do it.

This week’s theme for the grape varieties will be Austria (since Australia do not have any native grapes, I went to the closest thing name wise, just because I can). Learn more about the two Austrian stars, Grüner Veltliner and Zweigelt!