…And Moderation

It is of course easy to indulge a bit too much. Especially when wine is both one’s occupation and hobby. Do not get me wrong, I love my job and my hobby, but sometimes, especially when one tries to squeeze in a little too much in a short time. Reality catches up and one’s liver send in its resignation.

Wine Tasting – Cold Climate Reds

Looking over the statistics of alcoholism within the hospitality sector (truly horrifying), I am further reminded of the dangers of overindulging. Moderation is key, at least when it comes to a healthy body and mind. So, in the middle of everything I am squeezing in a completely sober week. Much needed, to say the least, but also embarrassingly hard to accomplish.

So, this week’s message is a boring one; stay safe and stay healthy!

(the longer you live, the more wine will you have time to try)