Dreams will get you nowhere, a good kick in the pants will take you a long way
– Baltasar Gracian


When I decided upon the name “The Nomadic Sommelier” I really felt like I had found the right epithet to identify myself with.

Or to be completely honest, I liked the way it describes a person without a home, who likes to drink wine.

And that is me!


With only a suitcase to keep me company, I am traveling the world in search for the best wine and food combinations out there. I am a wine geek by profession looking to broaden my horizons and to learn as much as I can about this complex and sometimes confusing subject. Because what better way is there to learn then to immerse yourself completely?

My job is to talk about wine and food, and to be honest, I often tend to bring my work home with me. So where better to collect all my notes and thoughts about wine and food, then here, on my own website. Here I get to share my passion with new friends from all over the world. I will answer the questions that I get asked every day at work, and I will share my knowledge about wine and food parings. Hopefully, helping you to realise that it does not have to be intimidating or even complicated. Wine and food are meant to be enjoyed! And to learn how to pair them right can make all the difference between just another Friday night dinner and a night that you will never forget.

So please, come along! Have a look around and most importantly,