A Little Is Better Than Nothing

For a New Year’s Resolution, it is a boor (but it is better than nothing…)

Sorry, bad pun. But, yes, that is my New Year’s Resolution. Time is running away without me, and I get so stressed because I cannot find the time to accomplish everything I would wish to, so instead I end up doing nothing. I fail and lose my motivation, which only makes me more stressed, and I end up feeling like I have accomplished absolutely nothing.

A little is definitely better than nothing. Be it to squeeze in a 10-minute yoga session, when I do not have the time for an hour or to write something short when I cannot find the time to make a proper addition. This week’s addition is a small one, some information about Vegan Wine, but important all the same. Please read and make conscious choices, the bigger the demand for vegan wine, the quicker the development will go.

My ambitions for The New Year are high, and I aim to be more active with my tastings and my continued studies. Furthermore, I intend to become more vegan conscious. While living everyday life, it is so easy to make concessions that compromise one’s believes. I know what is right, but sometimes, my character just is not strong enough.

I hope I am not alone in trying to better myself for the new year, and I hope that you will not give up, just because you failed once. It takes time to change your lifestyle and your philosophy. If you haven’t already, please take the Veganuary Pledge, it is an amazing source of motivation. Really made a difference for me!