This is a site for the Conscious Consumers out there, who wishes to learn more about how to pair food and wine in a fast-changing, multicultural world.

The focus here is on basic knowledge that you yourself can apply in your everyday life. In everything, from selecting a wine for a Mexican fiesta to simply wanting to enjoy something nice with your late-night pizza.

Our food traditions are quickly changing and (despite the Sommeliers standard beliefs) very few people nowadays actually care about what wine to pair with a traditional Coq au Vin. While nearly everyone wants to be able to select a wine and match it nicely to whatever they are eating for that evening, be it 3-minute noodles or a Michelin star dinner.

On this site, our focus is on sustainable alternatives, since that, without a question, is the future. But sustainable does not in any way exclude enjoyable! The meal suggestions here will only be based on delicious vegan products, and we will leave it up to you, to make it as sustainably as possible. Since we have readers from all over the world, general wine terms will also be explained, to help you make as conscious decisions as possible.

So please, have a look around and if you want a personalised recommendation, any pairing you are struggling with, do not hesitate to Contact Me and we will get back to you as soon as possible with a recommendation.